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YD SPARES was created by a team of engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the field. It operates as a subdivision brand of YUDIN EQUIPMENT LTD and represents an independent business for commercial vehicle components.


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06 May 2021
We had some busy days and have shipped over 9 tons of truck spare parts to our customers in Gorgia, Ukraine, Qatar, Tanzania, Morocco and others.
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03 February 2021
We keep a stock of more than 1M Euros for the most frequently sold parts, and total stock of more than 5M Euros with our partners. Most of the parts are available for shipping within hours and large orders with thousands of parts require only 2-3 days to dispatch.
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Nowhere is too far, no order is too small

01 July 2020
Our team is working hard to deliver your urgent requirements.
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Truck Spare Parts for Your Fleet

19 October 2019
We offer a wide range of original and aftermarket spare parts for MAN and MERCEDES trucks.
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Transmission Spare Parts for MAN-MERCEDES-DAF-SCANIA-VOLVO

03 October 2019
We offer a wide range of aftermarket transmission spare parts for MAN-MERCEDES-DAF-SCANIA-VOLVO trucks.
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MAN Truck Spare Parts Sent to Our Customer

09 August 2019
It has been a busy week for us. Another truck spare parts order for MAN trucks has been shipped to one of our customers.
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Mercedes Truck Spare Parts on their way to Malta

27 June 2019
Our export department was busy this week. Another truck spare parts order for Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks has been shipped to one of our customers in Malta.
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MAN Truck Spare Parts Shipment

23 May 2019
This week we have shipped a number of MAN Truck Spare Parts to one of our best customers.
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Engine rebuild service/used rebuild engines for sale

19 March 2019
We offer MAN/Mercedes engine rebuild services in our workshop. In addition, we supply rebuild complete MAN-Mercedes engines, engine blocks, cylinder heads and other parts separately.
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